No matter how good is your behavior for people, how good you talk, Or how kind you are from your heart. Society or say People are going to judge you the way you look or how good looking face you have.

So, looks do matter now, and that’s why we came up with some proven tips to upgrade your grooming style and to make your face better looking.

So, without further ado, I should start with the tips to make you look better.

The most important thing which determines that your face is good looking or not are –

– Your Jawline.

 And Your Facial Structure.

So without further ado let’s start with the topic.

6 Ways To Have A Good Looking Face

1. Wear A Hat.

how to have a good looking face


You might be thinking what a hat can do to your face to look good? Wait let me explain. When You wear a hat Notably: A Baseball Hat. On the asymmetrical face, it will pair against your face and it will make your face way more Symmetrical and defined than before. 

So what a hat does is the asymmetry of the hat makes the asymmetry of your face less noticeable. It is like you are standing beside your Semi-Symmetrical friend, standing next to an ugly friend makes you look attractive comparison to your friend. So, what I’m trying to say through this example that your Hat is your friend who hides the asymmetry of your face.

And another thing is baseball hat’s angled and rounded Brim adds more structure to your face.

So, wear a hat and make your face look more structured and symmetrical and get ready to get girls. Because girls find symmetrical faces more attractive than asymmetrical ones.

Bonus Tip – I have a recommendation for you to wear a basic, dark color hat instead of colored and designer ones

Check out the best collection of Baseball Hat On the Internet.

2. Facial Hair.

how to have a good looking face


Here comes another important part so pay attention here. If the structure of your jawline is not good then I recommend you to grow some beard to cover it.

Here’s how it’ll help you – Beard will cover your chin area and will hide your asymmetry and will make your face look more symmetrical and structured.

Tips for using Beared for a better Jawline –

how to have a good looking face


1. Make sure that your beard is not too long, Longbeard will cover the structure of your face and jawline and you’ll be looking like a real-life Santa.

how to have a good looking face


2. Shave all your hair from your neck to neckline (Bottom of your chin and around your jaw).

how to have a good looking face


3. Keep your beard shorter by your jaw and under your ear area. It will make your face look linear and structured.

3. Facial Expression.

how to have a good looking face


So, here is another important and easiest way to look good and attractive. Most guys walk around taking their really shitty and negative facial expressions which is not good at all. It makes you look like you are an arrogant guy and you don’t like to interact with people.

So, if you do that stop doing that from now and start smiling more and have positive expression. Because positive expression makes you seem more interesting, Friendly, and approachable. So, from now on keep smiling and have a positive attitude while talking to someone it will help you to get attention and affection from whom you like.

4. Hair.

how to have a good looking face


Another most important tip is to improve your hairstyle. Are you thinking what kind of hairstyle should I have? don’t worry I got your back I’ll suggest you.

You should cut your hairs short on the sides and leave longer on the top. But make sure to don’t overdo that it looks good on few people so don’t go for Undercut.

Having shorter length on your side and longer hair on top will make your jawline look stronger and linear.

The longer your jawline looks the more linear and structured it seems.

5. Lose Weight.

how to have a good looking face


Another tip but not so simple is to lose weight. Losing weight will help you to burn extra fat from your chin and jaw area.

You can do exercise or just facial exercises to burn the extra fat from your face. I would recommend you to do proper exercises it’ll keep you fit and it will keep your face structured and defined by burning fat.

You may have noticed people’s face before and after gymming for a couple of months, their facial structure changes because as we said above exercising helps to burn fat from your face.

6. Chew Gum.

how to have a good looking face


The last and another easy tip of our list is to chew gum. Yes, you should chew gum to improve your jawline it’s a part of a facial exercise. When you chew gums you move your jaw muscles which help to burn fat from your face and makes it more defined and structured.

Notably, you should be chewing 2 pieces of gum at a time and 2 to 3 times a day. Chew gum for a couple of months and you’ll notice that your jawline and your face structure is improving.

So, these were the tip to have a good looking face. apply this tips to yourself and you’ll see the difference and now it’s your time be a game changer become a Mr. Steal Your Girl.

Thank You.

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