Do you have Sleeping Problems? like you don’t fall asleep or you do not get a good sleep at night? so our today’s blog is only for you. Today we got you the best sleeping tips to help you sleep don’t worry there is not a single expensive shit to buy we got you the best home remedies for good sleep.

So, without wasting more time let’s jump right into the blog.

Why you need a good sleep? – A Good Sleep is very important for your daily lifecycle same as eating healthy and exercising. Because a good sleep keeps your mood fresh, your body active, and keeps you depression and stress-free.

I guess now you must have got to know that why you need a good sleep.

As we are living in the era of western culture where people don’t get much sleep these days, the reason can be anything whether it is because of work pressure, social networking sites, anxiety, or late night talks.


So here are the tips to solve these problems and to get a good sleep.

7 Best Sleeping Tips To Get A Better Sleep

Sleeping tips : Add a nigh time routine


1. Night Time Routine.

The best way to sleep is to maintain a night time routine. you might be thinking how maintaining a night time routine would help me to sleep. so let me explain it to you here now.

You should know how to programme our body or you can say you should train your body to sleep. For this programming reason, you should add a night time routine to your daily life.

A night time routine can be of any type like –

  • You can take shower before sleeping.
  • Or can drink warm milk.
  • You can do meditation or little exercise.
  • or can also try my favorite routine is to read books.

You can add any of these as your night time routine, Do one of these things at least 15 minutes before you go to bed.

By Adding night time routine your body will get used to it, and after completing your routine you’ll automatically fall asleep. As your brain will take this routine as an alarm that – “Ok routine is done, now it’s time fall asleep”.


2. Dim The Lights.

So, the next is to dim the lights of the room. So let’s see how it would help you to sleep better.

According to science, There is an Internal Clock in our body which senses the light and stops our body to sleep. That is the reason you don’t feel sleepy in the morning or say under the sun and you don’t even realize how you don’t feel tired after doing so much work.

So, basically what happens is when you turn off the lights then your body’s Internal clock senses that “Ok the lights are now off now it is time for bed”.

So from now on make sure you dim your room’s lights before going to sleep.

Sleeping tips : leave curtains half opened


3. Keep The Curtains Half Open.

Another simple to do tip is to keep your bedroom’s curtains half open if possible.

As we mentioned above that there is an Internal Clock in our body which keeps you awoke when you are against the light. So, keeping your curtains open will help you to wake up early in the morning.

Waking up with sun and sleeping with the moon is referred as a decent sleep. And decent sleep is the key to good health.

Sleeping tips: Adjust your room temperature


4. Adjust Your Room Temperature.

The next easy tip is to adjust your room temperature to have a good sleep. Many doctors say that for a good sleep you need a good temperature which is between 18 to 22-degree Celcius.

Note – It may happen that you’ll be unable to sleep in the temperature mentioned above. So, you can adjust the temperature according to your preference.

Sleeping tips: stop watching clock


5. Stop watching The Clock.

Another easy thing to do is to stop watching clock while sleeping.

According to studies people who constantly look at the clock are less likely to fall asleep easily.

It happens because when you constantly watch the time passing by it stresses up your mind like “Oh shit it’s 12 I have to wake up at 6″ which stresses up your mind and you don’t fall asleep.

So, I recommend you to keep your clock out of your sights before going to bed.\


6. Unplug.

Yeah, unplug keep your bedroom a tech-free zone. 

Research says that electronics interferes your sleep and it distracts you from sleeping. Checking emails, chatting, watching movies, playing games makes harder to sleep.

And I personally recommend you to not check your Emails at night, you don’t which mail can stress you up and can disturb your sleep.


7. Decent Sleep.

Decent sleep is important for good health, good mood, and activeness. Everyone should have defined period of sleeping.

sleeping a lot can make you lazy, and unhealthy.

And if you sleep according to a defined period of time then there’ll be no problems in waking up early in the morning.

The schedule for a decent sleep is kinda like this -‘

  • Mens = 7 – 9 Hours.
  • Womens = 8 – 9 Hours.
  • Kids and oldies = 10 – 12 Hours.

Let’s Recall all the sleeping tips here –

  1. Add a night time routine.
  2. Dim the lights of your bedroom.
  3. Keep your bedroom’s curtains half open.
  4. Adjust your room’s temperature.
  5. Stop watching the clock.
  6. Unplug all the electronics.
  7. Get a decent sleep.

So, these were the 7 sleeping tips which can improve your sleep and will solve all your sleeping problems.

So start applying try these tips and you’ll see the changes, and don’t forget to let me know in the comments if this helps you.

Thank you and Good Night.

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