EDM(Electronic Dance Music) means any music produced through electronics, and made for the dance are called EDMs. Lately, it wasn’t so popular, but in following years the popularity of EDM has increased globally. The person who produces or plays these kinds of music is called as DJs and Disc JockeysSo, for all EDM lovers, we prepared a list of Top 10 Best Dj In The World 2018 or say Best Disc Jockeys In The World.

We made this list on the basis of their fans, social media following and their music. So, without further ado let’s start with the list.

Top 10 Best Dj in The World 2018.

10. Marshmello.

Best Dj In The World 2018

source: http://www.youredm.com

Starting with the no. 10th famous DJ on the list Marshmello who is a rising DJ, and Electric Dance Music Producer. You may know him for the Dj who wears a dead marshmallow helmet on his head. The best thing about him is no one knows who is the person behind the helmet. It is said that the person behind the helmet is the American Dj Christian Comstock known as Dotcom.

He first came under the eye of people in March 2015, when he released his first song WaVeZ on SoundCloud. After releasing some songs, he started to receive support from famous DJs like Skrillex who reposted his song “Find Me” on his SoundCloud page. And later associated with many famous artists like – Troye Sivan, Selena Gomez, Khalid and many more.

Marshmello’s Top Songs –

  1.  Alone
  2. Wolves (ft. Selena Gomez)
  3. Silence (ft. Khalid)

9. Steve Aoki.

Best Dj In The World 2018

source: http://ksassets.timeincuk.net

Steven Hiroyuki “Steve” Aoki is an American Dj, EDM artist and Record producer. Even though he is a Grammy Nominated Dj, Wonderland was the album was nominated for Grammy Award for Best Dance Album. You might know him for the Dj who throws birthday cakes at fans in his live concerts.

He has even been designated as the Highest Grossing Dance Artist in North America from tours by Pollstar. He made his own label, Dim Mak Records in 1996. After making his own record label and working with many bands like This Machine Kills, Ebullition Records, Esperanza, and The Fire Next Time he didn’t stop yet making great music. He has associated with many famous artists like – Will.i.am, Afrojack, LMFAO, Linkin Park, Iggy Azalea, 2 Chainz and many more.

Steve Aoki’s Top Songs –

  1. pursuit of happiness ( Steve Aoki Remix).
  2. Warp 1.9.
  3. ILYSM.

8. Afrojack.

Best Dj In The World 2017

source: https://www.partyowl.in

Nick Van De Wall “Afrojack” is a French Dj, Remixer, Record Producer and Song Writer. You might know him for the Dj who is 6′ 10″ feet tall. He started Dj’ing from the age of 14 at local pubs and clubs. In 2007, Afrojack released his first song “In Your Face” under his stage name Afrojack. 

He got famous Internationally after releasing the song “Take Over Control” featuring Eva Simons. He has been in many hit singles like – Give Me Everything by Pitbull and Who Run The World by Beyonce. His recent massive hit was Hey Mama featuring David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, and Nicki Minaj. He is the 7th Highest-Earning Dj in the World.

He has associated with many famous artists like – Pitbull, Beyonce, David Guetta, Hardwell and many more.

Afrojack’s Top Songs –

  1. Give Me Everything (ft. Pitbull, Ne-Yo, and Nayer)
  2. Take Over Control (ft. Eva Simons)
  3. Hey Mama (ft. David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, and Nicki Minaj)

7. David Guetta.

Best Dj In The World 2017

source: https://www.thenational.ae

Pierre David Guetta “David Guetta” is a French Dj, Remixer, Record Producer, and Song Writer. You may know him for Zoning out during his set at Tomorrowland 2014. He is known as the Grand Father of EDM”David is making songs since the 90s. In earlier 2009, David and Kelly Rowland’s  song When Love Takes Over was declared as one of the Best Dance-Pop Collaboration of all timeThis song achieved him mainstream success.

He has associated with many famous artists like – Avicii, Alesso, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Afrojack and many more.

David Guetta’s Top Songs –

  1. When Love Takes Over (ft. Kelly Rowland)
  2. Titanium (ft. Sia)
  3. Memories (ft. Kid Cudi)

6. The Chainsmokers.

Best Dj In The World 2017

Source: https://www.edmsauce.com

The Chainsmokers is an American DJ duo consisting of Alex Paul and Andrew TaggartYou may know them by The Chainsmokers who doesn’t smoke. Chainsmokers became famous for their 2014 viral hit #Selfie, then by their another 2015 viral hit Roses. 

The Chainsmokers won Grammy for the Best Dance Recording for their song Don’t Let Me Down. They didn’t stop making hit music they made their another hit viral Closer which went Platinum.

Their recent album is Memories: Do Not Open which includes two hit songs Something Just Like This featuring Coldplay and Paris. They have associated with many famous artists like – Halsey, Coldplay, Emily Warren and many more.

The Chainsmokers’ Top Songs –

  1. Closer (ft. Halsey)
  2. Something Just Like This (ft. Coldplay)
  3. Roses (ft. ROZES)

5. Tiesto.

Best Dj In The World 2017

source: https://i.ytimg.com

Tijs Michiel Verwest “Tiesto” is a Dutch Dj and record producer. You may know him for the DJ who has his wax model at London’s Madame Tussauds.

Tiesto is named as The Greatest Dj Of All Time. He is also known as Godfather Of EDM. In 1994, he started releasing music on Noculan records sub-labels chemo and Coolman. He was introduced to the audience by remixing the Delerium’s song “Silence”. 

He has associated with many artists like Gouryella, Kamaya Painters, and Armin Van Buuren.

Tiesto’s Top Songs –

  1. Adagio For Strings.
  2. Urban Train.
  3. Traffic.

4. Hardwell.

Best Dj In The World 2017

source: https://cdn.phouse.com.br

Robert van de Corput “Hardwell” is a Dutch DJ, remixer, and record producer. You may know him for His famous Judo skills.

He has been voted No. 1 DJ twice once in 2013 and then later in 2014.

Hardwell’s career was started in 2009 when he made a bootleg of “Show Me Love Vs. Be”. He founded his record label Revealed Recording in 2010, and a radio show and podcast Hardwell On Air in 2011.

He has associated with many artists like Martin Garrix, Jason Derulo, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

Hardwell’s Top songs –

  1. Spaceman
  2. Apollo (ft. Amba Shepard)
  3. Zero 76

3. Armin Van Buuren.

Best Dj In The World 2017

source: http://blog.armadamusic.com

Armin Jozef Jacobus Daniel Van Buuren “Armin Van Buuren” is a Dutch DJ, remixer, and a record producer. He is a Grammy Nominated DJ for his single “This is what it feels like”.

He hosts a weekly radio show called A State Of Trance, Which runs in 84 countries on over 100 FM radio stations. People say that radio show has got him this stardom around the world.

Armin Van Buuren’s Top Songs –

  1. This Is What It Feels Like
  2. In And Out Of Love
  3. Intense

2. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

Best Dj In The World 2017

source: http://i.imgur.com

Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike) are Belgian DJs and record producers. You may know them for being the undisputed kings of Tomorrowland. Dimitri and Like started DJ’ing at a young age in small clubs and they were the resident DJs of BeatFM radio. They came under-recognition when they remixed the song “Rotterdam City Of Love” which rose them to fame.

They have associated with many artists like Hardwell, David Guetta, Martin Garrix and many more.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Top Songs –

  1. Mammoth
  2. Tremor
  3. The Hum

1. Martin Garrix.

Best Dj In The World 2017

source: http://fistintheair.com

Martijn Gerard Garritsen (Martin Garrix) is a Dutch DJ, Musician and record producer. You might know him for Becoming A World Superstar Before His 18th Birthday. He is the world’s No.1 DJ of 2016.

Garrix was discovered by Tiesto, whom he said his inspiration. He became famous for his hit viral Animals which he released in 2013. His recent hit song was So Far Away in collaboration David Guetta. 

In 2016, He made his own record label STMPD RCRDS after leaving Spinnin’ Records. Now, he is in a deal with Sony Music.

He has associated with many artists like Bebe Rexha, Troye Sivan, Dua Lipa, David Guetta and many more.

Martin Garrix’s Top Songs –

  1. In The Name Of Love (ft. Bebe Rexha)
  2. Animals
  3. Scared To Be Lonely

So this was the list of the top 10 best DJ in the world, as Martin Garrix became world’s no.1 DJ again.

So you can share your reviews regarding this list in the comment section below.

Thank you.


Ray Parker · April 21, 2018 at 1:45 pm

Why Avicii is not in the list??

    RISHI · May 12, 2018 at 1:27 am

    I know he is one of the greatest EDM artist ever, but this list made up on the stats of 2018 and these djs are the best dj of 2018

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