Are you a Foodie? do you love eating than anything else? so you are at the right place. Have you ever thought what can you get under a dollar around the world nope? don’t think too much. So, today we brought something interesting for you from around the Internet, we prepared a list of cheap foods or say cheap eats around the world.

So, without further ado let’s begin with the topic and see what a dollar can get you around the world.

Cheap Foods: Which You Can Buy Under A Dollar.


Cheap foods around the world


A Lettuce Head.

Starting with Canada, in Canada, you can get a lettuce head in a dollar. Yeah, lettuce head is cheap in Canada under a dollar and can prepare many dishes with it.

Like –

  • You can make a bowl of soup with a lettuce head.
  • Or can use lettuce as wraps for your rolls.
  • You can even use them in your noodles.

There are many ways to eat them so let’s move to the next country.


Cheap foods around the world


A Glass Of Beer.

So our next country is The Czech Republic. This Country is so beautiful for traveling. In the Czech Republic, you can get a glass of beer form any small shady pub for a dollar.

Imagine drinking beer and enjoying a beautiful night in the Czech Republic, Surely it would be a great experience in such a cheap way.


Cheap foods around the world


A Shawarma.

Dubai is a beautiful place to spend your holidays. There’s no doubt that everything is expensive in Dubai, Talk about – Luxuries, Cars, Mansions etc. Talk about what you’ll get here in a dollar is a shawarma. It’s a Levantine meat dish filled with meat.

It is basically prepared with the meat of Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, and Beef they grill the meat for long as a day or can be served as Sandwich or  Wrap. 


Cheap foods around the world


A Medium Koshari Plate.

Egypt is itself an art with full of old monuments, Pyramids, and tombs. In Egypt, you can get A Medium Plate of Koshari under a dollar.

Koshari is a traditional dish of Egypt and was originally discovered in the 19th century.

This dish is basically made of rice, macaroni, and lentils mixed together and covered with spicy tomato sauce and garlic vinegar, furnished with chickpeas and fried onions.


Cheap foods around the world


A Baguette.

You already know France is a beautiful country and its capital Paris too because of their WinesLakes, Cuisine, and Monuments like Eiffel Tower. A dollar in France can get you a Baguette. 

A Baguette is a long loaf of French bread which is made with simple ingredients like basic lean dough.


Cheap foods around the world


A Bottle Of Coke.

Hong Kong is known as the country of skyscrapers with total no. of (317) skyscrapers in the world.

You can buy a bottle of coke in hong kong by a dollar. It would be a great day in hong kong while chilling and watching the skyscrapers in Hong Kong and drinking a chilled coke.


Cheap foods around the world


A Kurtos Kalacs Pastry.

Hungary is a beautiful place and has beautiful dishes too like Kurtos Kalacs pastry and you can have it in just a dollar.

What is a kurtos kalacs? It’s a split cake specifically available in Hungary and Hungarian-Speaking regions like Romania.

Earlier it was eaten as a Festive dish now people eat this as a part of everyday consumption.


Cheap foods around the world


A Full Meal: Curries and Naan bread.

India is beautiful country notably known for its spirituality and for its beautiful places and monuments like – Taj Mahal.

India has a different variety of foods, you can have a full meal under a dollar. This meal includes – A pickle, Different kinds of curries, and a naan bread this all comes in a dollar isn’t it amazing.


Cheap foods around the world


A Local Breakfast: Bubur Ayam.

Indonesia is best known for its Beaches, Volcanoes, Komodo dragons, and jungles sheltering elephants, orangutans, and tigers. Talk about what you’ll get in a dollar, you can get a local breakfast: Bubur Ayam under a dollar.

Bubur Ayam is an Indonesian dish, it is a rice congee with shredded chicken and served with any of these – scallion, crispy fried shallot, celery, tongcay, or fried soybean.

It looks delicious, I’m sure it would taste good too.

10. ITALY.

Cheap foods around the world


An Espresso.

Italy is famous for its powerful mark on western culture and cuisine. Italy’s capital is Rome, and Rome is a home to the Vatican as well as landmark art and ancient ruins. Italy even has two beautiful cities first is Venice the city of canals and second is Milan which is said to be Italy’s fashion capital.

So coming to the point you can get an Espresso in just under a dollar. An espresso in such a beautiful country would be so mesmerizing.

11. JAPAN.

Cheap foods around the world


A Snicker Bar.

japan is famous for its mountainous national park, Temples, and bullet trains. You can buy a snicker bar for $1 in Japan.

12. NEPAL.

Cheap foods around the world


10 MOMO Dumplings.

Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a beautiful place for adventure sports, Trekking, and Camping. Nepal has the Highest Mountain in the world named as Mount Everest, the Current height of the Everest is (8,850 m).

You can get 10 momo dumplings under a dollar in Nepal. 

MOMO’s ingredients are White Flour, stuffed with Vegetables or Chicken.


Cheap foods around the world


A Bottle Of Milk.

You may know North Korea by its Supreme Leader whose name is Kim Jong-un. 

You can get a bottle of milk in North Korea just for a dollar.

14. PERU.

Cheap foods around the world


Aji De Gallina: A Chicken Dish in a Sauce.

You can get an Aji De Gallina under a dollar in Peru.

What is an Aji De Gallina? it’s a delicious Peruvian chicken stew made with rice, with boiled potatoes and black olives layered with the creamy sauce made with ground walnuts.


Cheap foods around the world


2kg Of Potatoes.

Russia is the world’s largest nation and has the powerful person in the world who is the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. 

You can get 2kg of Potatoes under a dollar in Russia and can prepare various dishes from it.

Click here to know what can you prepare with potatoes.

Must Read: Know who are the powerful persons around the world?


Cheap foods around the world


A Vegetable Kimbap Roll.

South Korea is known for its green, hilly countryside dotted with cherry trees and centuries-old Buddhist temples, plus its coastal fishing villages, sub-tropical islands and high-tech cities such as Seoul. You can get a vegetable kimbap roll under a dollar in South Kores.

Vegetable Kimbap Roll, is a Korean dish made with cooked rice and other ingredients that are rolled in gim—dried sheets of laver seaweed—and served in bite-sized slices.


Cheap foods around the world


Chipsi Mayai: A Potato Omelet.

Tanzania is an East African country. Here, you can get chipsi mayai under a dollar. Its main ingredients are potatoes and eggs, it is so simple to make.

18. The USA.

Cheap foods around the world


A Nice pizza Slice.

The U.S. is a country of 50 states covering a vast swath of North America. You can get a nice slice of pizza under a dollar in the USA.

So this was the list of cheap foods you can buy around the world for a dollar. you can share your reviews, that what you think about this list.

And you can even share more things which comes under a dollar.

Thank You.

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